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Fairhaven H&V services have been supplying ventilation equipment to the construction and industrial sectors in Northern Ireland since 1990. We are distributors and agents for some of the leading manufacturers in the mechanical and natural ventilation market, and our comprehensive range of products means we can provide solutions to practially any ventilation requirement.
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Daytime operation

Monodraught-logo11What is a Sunpipe?

The Monodraught Sunpipe system maximises the concept of renewable energy by reflecting sunlight and normal daylight down through a pure silver base mirror-finish aluminium tube or pipe. A clear UV stabilised polycarbonate top dome seals the light pipe against the ingress of dust and a smooth opaque finish or plain opal diffuser at ceiling level evenly spreads the light into the room or space below.

Sunpipe LEDHistory

Piping sunlight was first used about 4000 years ago when the Egyptians used light shafts and mirrors to bring daylight down into the centre of the Pyramids. The modern version of light pipes was patented in 1988 and Monodraught recognised the enormous energy saving potential of applying our SUNPIPE® natural daylight systems to residential and commercial properties. SUNPIPES are suited to almost any application, and have been installed anywhere from residential bedrooms to the Olympic Handball Arena in London.


Why Choose Natural Daylight?

  1. It is cost effective – energy costs can be saved as the need for electric lighting during daytime hours is minimised by as much as 75%.
  2. It is healthier – studies have shown that people work better under a natural daylight environment and natural daylight is known to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD)
  3. Is sustainable energy in action – not only can SUNPIPE® reduce energy usage it also leads to a considerable reduction in CO² emissions.

Sunpipe Night time operation

New Sunpipe Hybrid

Monodraught recently launched an innovative new type of Sunpipe which supplements natural daylight with biologically optimised LED light for a more healthy living environment.

Sunpipe Luxloop is the first lighting system that can provide both genuine natural daylight and biologically optimised LED light. The collaboration by PhotonStar LED Ltd and Monodraught results in ultimate energy savings and the ultimate in healthy, human focused lighting

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