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Fairhaven H&V services have been supplying ventilation equipment to the construction and industrial sectors in Northern Ireland since 1990. We are distributors and agents for some of the leading manufacturers in the mechanical and natural ventilation market, and our comprehensive range of products means we can provide solutions to practially any ventilation requirement.
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Air curtains & unit heaters

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Wing Air Curtain

VTS Wing Air Curtain

The WING air curtain is a device that aims to create an invisible barrier that separates environments with different air parameters from each other.

The minimalist shape of the WING curtain housing, inspired by the shape of glider wings, and the characteristic diamond-shaped side covers give the curtain a unique harmony and elegance. The energy-saving motor, efficient fan and double-row heat exchanger ensure quiet operation and the highest efficiency of the device.
The WING air curtain features:
  • minimalist housing shape
  • energy-saving motor
  • quiet operation
  • up to 4 m air stream range
The WING air curtain is available in three sizes – 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m that can be combined in any configuration, which allows to protect any entrance to the building.  The units are available in 3 versions; without heating, with a two-row water heat exchanger, or an electric heater.
Now in addition to the original white casing, the WING air curtain is also available in a sleek black finish, ideal for applications where the air curtain needs to be camouflaged against a dark ceiling void.



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Wing Pro industrial air curtainVTS Wing Pro Air curtain

WING PRO creates effective protection against heat loss when opening the door in places such as logistic centers, factories or bus depots.

The high capacity unit delivers a wide and strong air stream suitable for doors up to 8 m high.  This high performance combined with energy efficient EC motors makes WING PRO a new force in industrial air curtains.

The units can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and are available in two lengths, 150cm and 200cm.  The units can be mounted end to end allowing an infinitely long air curtain to be created.  Units are available with single and double row LPHW heating coil options, or without heating.