Fairhaven H&V Services - Moira, Northern Ireland

Fairhaven H&V services have been supplying ventilation equipment to the construction and industrial sectors in Northern Ireland since 1990. We are distributors and agents for some of the leading manufacturers in the mechanical and natural ventilation market, and our comprehensive range of products means we can provide solutions to practially any ventilation requirement.
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Acoustica are leaders in the field of noise control, and have developed a comprehensive range of attenuators and vibration isolation systems for use in air distribution systems.  C-series spigotted circular attenuators are ideal for use in “crosstalk” applications or for basic noise reduction for small fans.  The M-series bolt-on range offer higher attenuation levels, are available podded or un-podded, and can be direct coupled to cased axial fans.  The R-series range of rectangular attenuators are available in several performance levels, allowing them to be tailored to individual applications.


M-series-attenuatorOur design team will be happy to give you advice and guidance on the best selection and orientation of proposed equipment and recommend acoustic solutions that minimise the energy loss or system resistances, and space requirements.  Unlike some other attenuator manufacturers, Acoustica have invested heavily in testing and development.  Their internally developed software and certified test data enables us to recommend a solution with such confidence that we are able to GUARANTEE the resultant acoustic levels within the design space.


The newly developed Limpet range of mounting systems are designed to improve the performance of several fan related noise and vibration control products. The design emphasis has included the requirement for all limpet products to be easier to install and more reliable in operation.