Fairhaven H&V Services - Moira, Northern Ireland

Fairhaven H&V services have been supplying ventilation equipment to the construction and industrial sectors in Northern Ireland since 1990. We are distributors and agents for some of the leading manufacturers in the mechanical and natural ventilation market, and our comprehensive range of products means we can provide solutions to practially any ventilation requirement.
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Industrial & commercial fans


Fairhaven are Official Distributors & Stockists for Soler & Palau (S&P) air movement products in Northern Ireland.  S&P are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air movement products, catering for almost every conceivable application.  Their core UK Industrial product range includes “traditional” plate and cased axial fans, roof extract fans, inline mixed flow and centrifugal fans, acoustic cabinet fans, and high pressure blowers.



TCFTB_TCBTBPopular product lines include the ubiquitous TCBBx2 range of contrarotating cased axials, which are ideal for commercial kitchen extract systems, and the TD-MIXVENT range of inline mixed flow fans, which provide high performance and low noise in a competitively priced product.

S&P are continually updating and developing their products to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and new regulations in the ventilation sector.  They have recently re-engineered their ranges of industrial and commercial fans to meet the new ERP 2013 and 2015 energy regulations.  Many of the single phase product lines are now available with low energy EC motors, and S&P have led the way in developing low-noise fans with the innovative TD-SILENT range of low noise mixed flow inline fans.



For more information on the range of products from S&P, contact us, or visit www.solerpalau.co.uk


Fairhaven are also distributors for the UK fan manufacturer Victoria Fans, whose range includes Axial Flow, Bifurcated, Centrifugal and Roof Type fans.  Most fans are made to order, and can be tailored to suit highly specialised applications such as explosive atmospheres or high temperatures.