Fairhaven H&V Services - Moira, Northern Ireland

Fairhaven H&V services have been supplying ventilation equipment to the construction and industrial sectors in Northern Ireland since 1990. We are distributors and agents for some of the leading manufacturers in the mechanical and natural ventilation market, and our comprehensive range of products means we can provide solutions to practially any ventilation requirement.
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Grilles & Diffusers


HVC Supplies manufacture an extensive range of wall, ceiling and floor grilles in their Midlands factory. 4-way blow, air-valves & eggcrate grilles are available from stock, and all other grilles are manufactured to order with a typical lead time of 4-7 working days.

Eggcrate Grille

Eggcrate Grilles

Double Deflection

Double Deflection Grilles

Linear Bar Grille

Linear Bar Grilles

CD4 Ceiling Diffuser

4-way Ceiling Diffuser

Drum Jet Diffuser

Drum Jet Diffuser

Linear Slot Diffuser

Linear Slot Diffuser







For more information on the full range of HVC products, please visit www.h-v-c.com

Colman Air Distribution

Based in Staffordshire, Colman grilles, diffusers and louvres are a long established name in the air distribution sector.  The company, formerly Senior Colman and Colman Moducel, has recently opened two new facilities dedicated to producing high quality air terminal devices.

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Grille Boxes

Fairhaven complement their range of grilles with a choice of galvanised steel or thermoformed plastic grille boxes.