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Onesynergy PAVEL

OnesynergyThe revolutionary onesynergy PAVEL is an innovative exhaust cowl that reduces the total energy consumption of an air extraction system. It does this by overcoming the inherent inefficiencies of industry accepted cowls and minimising system pressure. By using the PAVEL cowl, the energy consumption of the extractor fan can be reduced by up to 50%.


TechnologyPavel Roof terminal

Through the PAVEL’s patented design, optimum airflow efficency is achieved by the smooth and gradual deceleration of air within the PAVEL and its gentle diffusion into the surrounding air at low velocity. In addition to the system’s enhanced performance, when
wind is blowing, the movement of air across the PAVEL causes a secondary extraction effect thus increasing performance even further. This is achieved bythe PAVEL’s ability to generate vortices. These vortices in conjunction with the Coanda eect generate a negative
pressure at the neck of the PAVEL, thus drawing air from any connected duct or space.

Key benefits

  • Can reduce the energy consumption of a fan by up to 50%
  • No moving parts or maintenance
  • Suitable for fan/duct sizes from 300mm to 630mm
  • Proven rain rejection abilities based on EN-13030
  • Injection moulded clear version maximises the use of available sun light
  • Dramatic reduction in noise emissions
  • Fan-less ventilation in windy conditions
  • Quality stainless steel and injection moulded parts
  • Extends the lifetime of the fan



This chart shows how the PAVEL compares to a fan with a
standard cowl. The graph plots Volume Flow Rate (m3/s)
against Power (kW). As shown the PAVEL unit has
approximately 55% power savings in comparison to a
standard cowl.
Note: the values vary with volume flow






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