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Low Energy cooling – Cool Phase

monodraught-naturallyCool-phase is a low energy cooling and ventilation system that creates a comfortable, fresh and healthy indoor environment and reduces the running costs of buildings. Cool-phase uses a thermal energy store utilising a Phase Change Material (PCM) in combination with an intelligently controlled Air Handling Unit to actively ventilate and cool the building.




The Cool-phase system can maintain temperatures within the comfort zone, while radically reducing energy consumption by up to 90 %, compared to a conventional cooling system. Unlike conventional cooling approaches, Cool-phase uses no refrigerants making it an environmentally sound solution to cooling our buildings.


Benefits of the Cool-phase system over conventional HVAC systems:


  • Low Running Costs:  The system has low servicing, maintenance and energy costs, combined with a long life that provides an impressive payback on the capital cost of the system.
  • Energy and carbon saving:  The Cool-phase system uses an energy efficient variable speed fan with no compressors, pumps or other energy intensive components. A 3A single phase mains supply is all that is required.
  • Healthy and productive:  The Cool-phase system creates a healthy and productive environment by monitoring internal air quality and ensuring there is a supply of fresh air.
  • Modular design:  The Cool-phase system can be installed in modular spaces or large open plan offices, above a false ceiling or suspended below to suit a range of environments. It can also be installed and integrated with new or existing mechanical ventilation and cooling schemes to offer local decentralised ventilation whilst taking over some of the cooling duty thus improving air quality and lowering running costs.

How does it work?


The Cool-phase system uses the concept of a ‘Thermal Battery’ to capture and store heat.  The Thermal Batteries use the latent heat property of Phase Change Materials (PCMs)to store large amounts of energy, which is charged and discharged by passing air through a heat exchanger.


In the UK, even in the summer, there is a 10 to 15 deg C temperature difference between day and night time temperatures; this is known as the diurnal cycle. At night, cool outside air is passed through the heat exchanger “recharging” the Thermal Batteries and removing the heat built up during the previous day. As room temperatures rise during the day room air is passed through the heat
exchanger to provide cooling. The total cooling provided is a combination of the use of the thermal energy stored within the unit, the effects of free cooling, and night time ventilation.

Download the Cool-phase brochure here